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    David Gram, formerly Scandinavian Airlines, Siemens Wind Power and head of marketing development at LEGO Future Lab, knows a thing or two about disruption. He revealed how LEGO nearly lost it all, the challenges the organisation faces, and how they are innovating inside the larger organisation to ensure they will "inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow".


    Fascinated by the exponential change we are in the midst of, Samuel Williams works at the forefront of digital strategy and how it impacts business-to-business communications and digital experiences. As a founding partner of both Aamplify and Cognition, he is passionate about how storytelling will enable us to navigate Industry 4.0.
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    Dr James Slezak, managing partner at New Economy Lab and former COO of the NYT global digital division, talked about disruption, intrapreneurship and digital innovation. He led a panel discussion with David Gram and Samuel Williams on how creativity and a Design Thinking approach have allowed businesses to prosper in the face of disruption.


    James Slezak helped The NYT do more than survive.
    As COO of the global digital division, he innovated on the digital business model to allow NYT to invest and prosper in the face of disruption.

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    Author of Archetypes in Branding and innovation director at Cognition, Margaret Hartwell has been helping to develop brands in the United States and Europe for more than two decades. She brings a wealth of applied Design Thinking practices to clients from her experience in Silicon Valley and with the Design Council in the UK.
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    James Hartwright is a firm believer that data, correctly organised, adds value to any industry problem. He has proven this in his previous roles at News Corp, Acxiom, and GE Money, working across publishing, finance, retail, high-tech and utilities. James is a recognised speaker and podcaster on the subject of data.
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    Craig Parnham has a track record for driving innovation initiatives and a passion for Design Thinking. Most recently, he was CEO of Sush Mobile where he led the company’s strategic direction. Before this, Craig was head of mobile products with Spark New Zealand, leading the development and delivery of product strategy for their mobile portfolio, product development and product management, along with also leading the mobile roaming group.
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    From combat reconnaissance missions over the skies of Vietnam, to Space Shuttle missions, to climbing some of the highest peaks across the globe, Mike Mullane knows what teamwork, leadership and safety are all about. He brings a unique perspective on what the space programme can teach us and our industry.


    Data Alchemist, Julien Redmond is passionate about helping customers turn their raw data into business gold. A leader in his field, Julien has a reputation for helping his customers make sense of complex big data problems. With more than a decade of experience, Julien is a thought leader in the areas of big data, predictive analytics, trusted data management and information governance.

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    Marko Ivanovski is a digital native, passionate about IoT, Cloud and how technology can transform all our lives for the better. Marko helps businesses execute their strategic initiatives, blending his proven application development background with Design Thinking and agile methodologies to transform business visions into digital realities.   


    Maarten van der Zeyden thrives on helping international business combine process automation, data governance and information management to deliver enhanced business outcomes. With over 30 years’ experience working across the asset-centric industries, Maarten has amassed expertise helping organisations to build intelligence into their asset management strategies.

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    A Taste of Artificial Intelligence
    Recipe Book
    MasterChef Simon Gault has worked with Chef Watson, an Artificial Intelligence engine, to create a menu filled with novel combinations of ingredients and styles of cuisine. Get all the recipes of the dishes served at Accelerate 2017.

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    Insights from a NASA Astronaut
    Mike Mullane Interview
    NASA Astronaut Mike Mullane is a veteran of three Space Shuttle missions and his experience in high-pressure situations has given him a unique perspective on being agile while managing risk and his lessons can be applied to all industries.

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