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Feature: Explore IBM Cloud’s possibilities with Cognition.

IBM Cloud now offers 170+ services, from hyperscale infrastructure to blockchain, AI and machine learning, all with built-in security. The IBM Cloud can be used to help insurers protect cars from storms, help financial firms shield transactions from hacks and help logistics companies secure a diamond from theft and fraud. And that’s just some of the real-world applications.

Cognition is an innovation consultancy working with organisations to unlock the potential of digital, cognitive and mobile solutions. Cognition empowers the creation of shared value, enhanced user experiences and the business transformation needed to meet the challenges of exponential change. In alliance with IBM Australia and New Zealand, Cognition accelerates innovation with design thinking and new development methodologies.


From steam power to electricity to computerisation, advances in technology have spurred the Industrial Revolutions of the past, so what is driving tomorrow’s innovations?

Welcome to a merging of the cyber and physical worlds.

The way we live and work is changing. In fact, the lines between work and play are forever blurred thanks to disruptive technologies and trends, including the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI). This has sparked a new era of rapid, widespread change – we are now entering the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0.


A taste of Artificial Intelligence. How innovative individuals are reinventing industries using the power of IBM Watson.

Celebrity Chef Simon Gault explores IBM's Chef Watson, an Artificial Intelligence engine, to create a menus filled with novel combinations of ingredients and styles of cuisine.


Is the 4th Industrial Revolution to be feared or is it the key to unlocking business opportunities? New York Times digital transformation uncovered.

James Slezak helped The NYT do more than survive. During his tenure as COO of the global digital division, he innovated on the digital business model to allow NYT to invest and prosper in the face of disruption.


As a business leader, do you have the right organisational strategy to be able to navigate digital disruption?

David Gram, formerly Scandinavian Airlines, Siemens Wind Power and head of marketing development at LEGO Future Lab, knows a thing or two about disruption. He reveals how LEGO nearly lost it all, the challenges the organisation faces, and how they are innovating.


Mitigating Risk: When something as simple as a missing O-ring can cause such disaster, it's vital to understand how failure can be both predicted and preventable.

NASA Astronaut Mike Mullane is a veteran of three space shuttle missions and his experience in high-pressure situations has given him a unique perspective on being agile while managing risk and his lessons can be applied to all industries.








Staged Approach to Digital Disruption

1. Fourth Industrial



2. How to Apply New Age Tech Strategies to Your Business

3. Risk Management and Organisational

4. Bridge the Gap Between Business Objectives and IT Needs

    What does the unknown world of possibility look like? A look into revolutionary emerging technologies.

    Sam Williams, CMO of Certus, steps you through how to get ready for the impacts of the 4th industrial revolution. Humankind has entered unchartered territory in terms of the place of technological change. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will confront us all - so how do we make sense of it and prepare ourselves for a not so dystopian future. Read More

    Man vs Machine. The future of work in the fourth industrial revolution.

    This change isn’t just science fiction, it’s happening now. So what would a jobless future look like? Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality and Big Data application explored. Read More


    Blockchain: More than you think.

    This new technology has the power to re-shape a wide range of industries. For example, applying blockchain technology to logistics prevents fraud throughout your entire supply chain. Check out our blog to find out how diamonds can be verified and tracked as they’re shipped from mine to mall: Read More

    Top industries adopting new age tech and reaping the rewards.

    A look into the technologies, objectives and strategies used reshape the customer experience and operations for the education, finance, health and government sectors in New Zealand and Australia. Read More

    How to make Big Data, Iot and AI part of your organisations future?

    What does your digital strategy look like? Do you even have a digital strategy? What’s currently holding your digital strategy back from helping your organisation deliver your digital objectives? In a recent global survey of 1500 senior executives with digital strategies underway, three key obstacles to digital success were revealed...  Read More

    Designing and mobilising for the future - A mobile workforce is a smarter workforce.

    Phenomenal transformation is happening in industries with vastly distributed assets – utilities and transport in particular - and driving this is the implementation of smart mobile technologies. So how do you judge what is a necessity as you transition into the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Read More

    How to solve complexity by combining traditional IT and cloud-based platforms into one, hybrid infrastructure.

    Data Alchemist, Julien Redmond is passionate about helping customers turn their raw data into business gold and make sense of complex big data problems. Bluemix and Watson create a lot of tools for problem solving when it comes to data complexity. Watch Video

    Who'd be a bean counter? How CFO's can tackle their data challenges in 2017.

    There has never been more data at the fingertips of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and yet their job has never been more complex. Managing and handling the wealth of new and changing data is a daily battle for today’s CFO. In many ways, the old job description of the ‘head bean counter’ no longer applies. Read More

    Re-thinking risk and asset management - How to avoid another jet fuel crisis.

    By now you may have heard of, or even been affected by the aviation fuel shortage in Auckland. The recent damage to the Refining NZ fuel pipeline supplying Auckland’s jet fuel, petrol and diesel has brought about several discussions regarding the ongoing maintenance of New Zealand’s oil infrastructure – namely, who should be responsible for ensuring its upkeep.Read More

    What the space industry can teach the asset intensive sector?

    At first it may seem strange to draw a parallel between my somewhat safe and sedentary existence as an asset professional and those willing to launch themselves headlong into the inky abyss of space, but bear with me. Read More

    Business on demand - Responding to changing customer expectations.

    Every day, you might stream whatever song you like, watch any move you want or get a ride to wherever you need to be by engaging with your smart device. For customers, the expectation now is that services, products and experiences must be accessible immediately. If they’ve thought about it and it hasn’t happened yet, then businesses are already falling behind and risk losing customers. Read More

    The power is shifting to technology early adopters - manage the risk and maximise the reward.

    We're at the precipice of a major economic change. New start-ups with radically different business and operating models as well as mega-vendors are disrupting industry after industry. Read More

    AI Policies Blog

    Policies, restrictions, regulations – Are unrealistic fears about AI restricting innovation?

    Musk’s plea was to be proactive, rather than reactive, in implementing regulations to avoid getting to a point where action is only taken after negative things happen. This argument for regulation of burgeoning industries is nothing new. Read More

    Digital transformation for utilities: Why data matters.

    In a recent IDC report exploring digital transformation in utilities in the Asia-Pacific region, the main differentiator between companies who are taking advantage of new advances and those falling behind is a robust and innovative data management strategy. Read More

    Innovation Dial Blog #1

    How to turn up the innovation dial without breaking the bank.

    There is huge pressure on organisational structures, skills, cultures, traditional IT systems and supply chains because of the speed of change we are in the midst of today. Read More

    Are we creating sustainable systems that will keep solving problems? 

    The power of data, when correctly organised and analysed, is immense. It can help create new value for organisations through enhanced products and services, better customer experiences, greater operational efficiency and stronger growth. Read More

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    A Taste of Artificial Intelligence
    Recipe Book
    Celebrity Chef Simon Gault has worked with Chef Watson, an Artificial Intelligence engine, to create a menu filled with novel combinations of ingredients and styles of cuisine. Get all the recipes of the dishes served at Accelerate 2017.

    Your Free AI Recipe Book
    Insights from a NASA Astronaut
    Mike Mullane Interview
    NASA Astronaut Mike Mullane is a veteran of three space shuttle missions and his experience in high-pressure situations has given him a unique perspective on being agile while managing risk and his lessons can be applied to all industries.

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    Financial Services: How to innovate  & transform your business


    Guide to re-inventing processes using Mobile Apps for enterprise


    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications with Watson 


    How to overcome Big Data & IoT challenges by using simple methods. 


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