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Samuel Williams
Creator, Accelerate

Hi DX leader and welcome, you're invited to the #AdaptiveLeadershipSessions

In 2020 Accelerate went virtual and created  a unique series of meetups and sessions designed to spark inspiration and guide you on your Digital Transformation (DX) journey.

In each episode of the #AdaptiveLeadershipSessions, you’ll hear innovative strategies, advice and tangible tactics from digital leaders that are actually doing it.

These are designed to deliver as much value to you as possible so we encourage you to engage and provide feedback on what you found useful and what you want to see. Together, let's build a  community of DX leaders! 

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On-demand and upcoming episodes

Episode 1 | WATCH NOW

3 Ways Businesses Can Thrive In A Post-Lockdown World

As we now face a post-lockdown world, priorities are quickly shifting to accelerate Digital Transformation. In this session, Samuel Williams and Max Theseira discuss the impact of COVID-19 on developing more resilient digital enterprises.

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Episode 2 | WATCH NOW

Lessons Learned at Facebook: Stephen Scheeler

Stephen Scheeler, former CEO of Facebook ANZ, outlines how the lessons he learned at Facebook can provide the blueprint for businesses to respond and adapt to market disruption. The world has changed, the game has changed and it’s now up to us to change with it.

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Episode 3 | WATCH NOW

3 Proven Steps To Improve Cybersecurity + Protect Your Business

The ‘boom’ moment in cybersecurity is when something goes wrong. It’s when you realise you’ve lost data, your systems have shut down, or you’re unable to access your information. So what can you do to prepare your environment and prevent a boom? This session with Stephen Burmester will walk you through what threats now look like and why you need to follow the 3 P’s - plan, prepare and practice.

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Episode 4 | WATCH NOW

2.5+ Million Followers - How Pietro Boselli Adapted To Change

Pietro Boselli is a modern-day millennial superstar – he’s an engineer, former mathematics lecturer, entrepreneur and a model with over 2.5 million Instagram followers. Here, he shares his perspective on what professionals can learn from a social media influencer who has evolved to meet the challenge of remaining relevant while technology surges forward.

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Episode 5 | WATCH NOW

Building DataOps Capability to Progress Digital Transformation

The speed at which data can be pulled through and turned into valuable insights has a significant impact on the performance of a digital business. However, it’s not just about speed. Data also needs to be delivered accurately and against a defined quality standard. Having the right DataOps practices in place ensures that the data used to inform decision-making is known and trusted! Join James Hartwright, Julien Redmond and Samuel Williams for this session to learn more about the role DataOps plays in Digital Transformation.

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Episode 6 | WATCH NOW

The Importance of Security in Digital Transformation

Moving to the cloud is a key enabler in digital transformation as your growth and innovation needs outgrow the capabilities of on-premise infrastructure. But as your business scales, is your security able to scale with you? In this session, Ruby Li, Associate Partner at IBM Security Service, explains why security and compliance should be at the core of your cloud transformation strategy to ensure you’re prepared for any event.

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Episode 7 | WATCH NOW

How will Digital Interfaces Fundamentally Change how we Live, Work & Learn?

Assisted reality is being driven even harder by the pandemic. We've seen it with rise of the QR code, self-service kiosks, and the use of digital assistants to augment experiences.This session will explore how these technologies are being deployed to help solve operational process improvement challenges, transfer knowledge, and provide support, as well as engage, with citizens and customers for better, safer experiences. Plus, find out what the Accelerate IDEAthon will have in store for digital leaders.

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Episode 8 | WATCH NOW

Designing More Resilient Digital Enterprises in the Face of COVID-19

Every industry is being challenged to rethink their business in the face of COVID-19. In this session, our panel will consider some key implications of this from the perspective of digital transformation. Learn how data, security, and your people are all impacted and how you can build a more resilient organisation.

Episode 9 | Watch Now

Creating Exceptional Digital Experiences at a Social Distance

The social distanced world which is, for now, the new normal, is spurring an acceleration in digital initiatives and app development in particular. Join us as we tackle the question of how you develop truly intelligent interfaces that reduce friction and create meaningful user experiences. Plus, find out how these enable your enterprise to create new forms of value from information.

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Episode 10 | WATCH NOW

From Enterprise to Ecosystem with David Gram

In this Accelerate DX Masterclass, David Gram explains how Ecosystems are rapidly becoming the new Enterprise and what that means for organisations. Plus, get practical guidance and insight into how to effect digital change from within an enterprise.

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