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Online Workshop

Developing DX Business Cases
as an Intrapreneur

Part of the #DXProgram

Samuel & Max

Welcome there,  

A commonly cited statistic is that more than 70% of Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives fail - see forbes.com

Dig a little bit deeper and there seem to be some common themes that emerge, such as "unspoken disagreement among top managers about goals" HBR: The two big reasons Digital Transformations fail. And "a divide between the capabilities supporting the pilot and those available to support scaling it".

This workshop is aimed at addressing the first challenge of any DX initiative: Getting consensus that enables you to get going. Aligning your stakeholders effectively is key to addressing the "unspoken disagreement among top managers about goals".

In this workshop, we wanted to give you an opportunity to get to grips with some of the useful tools that we have both researched and used as part of our experience around DX business casing - for Max as part of his work with AGSM @ UNSW and for Samuel in working with intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

So, to get started please join us and your peers, in the Linkedin workshop group, where you will find additional resources, Q&A, notifications, and a place to feedback in discussions. We want to make this workshop as interactive and useful as possible, and give you a chance to interact with peers who are experiencing similar challenges.

Next, work your way through the lecture that outlines the approach to digital business case development, as well as the introduction to the hands-on exercise on developing a Value Proposition Canvas.

Once you've completed the value proposition exercise, please submit your canvas as part of step 6. We will then be in touch to share some feedback and arrange an in-person follow up session if you're interested. 

If you haven't already, please connect with me on Linkedin and feel free to reach out with any questions via the group or via Linkedin messaging.

Meet your facilitators

Max Theseira
Co-founder, IntAgile
Max has over 20 years’ experience helping organisation’s effect complex business transformation. He is now Adjunct Faculty at the UNSW Business School on a range of programs for executives and separately runs a change consultancy specialising in digital transformation.
Samuel Williams
Creator, Accelerate
Fascinated by the exponential change we are in the midst of, Samuel works at the forefront of digital transformation strategy and how it impacts communications, digital experiences and the evolution of value. He’s a Silicon Valley veteran, having worked across startups, digital business, technology sales and marketing.

Step 1: Connect with your fellow classmates

Join the LinkedIn Group to connect and engage with other workshop participants and the facilitators. This is your chance to ask questions, share knowledge and connect with other digital transformers.

Step 2: Watch the workshop lecture

Work your way through the theory and practice of developing business cases for Digital Transformation - and understand why this is a different process to traditional business case development.


Includes instructions on the interactive exercise using a value proposition canvas


The workshop is split into four chapters so you can easily watch it in parts. Navigate to the chapters via the dots on the video play line or by clicking the list icon next to the settings cog.

  • Chapter 1
    How COVID 19 Accelerated DX and what it means
  • Chapter 2
    Developing DX Business Cases in Four Steps
  • Chapter 3
    Making Change Stick
  • Chapter 4
    Interactive Exercise

Step 3: Use the Value Proposition Canvas

Get hands-on and complete the exercise on using a value proposition canvas to understand and articulate digital business value.
Please follow these seven steps.


Understand the Value Proposition Canvas

Watch this short video for a walk-through of the Value Proposition Canvas and to see how it works.


Uber’s Value Proposition Canvas

In this video, you will get to know the value proposition canvas using the Uber example.


A deep dive into Canoo's business model

Watch Jay Leno's exploration of the Canoo business model. A "soup to nuts" view of how the electric car and digital business are intersecting to create entirely new business models.

Watch now