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Redefining Workspaces & Facilities in 2021

Join us for the Industry Platform Group IDEAthon to find solutions to the workplace challenges asset intensive organisations are facing in 2021.

Michael Cahir
GM, Certus Digital

Hi there, Join us to redefine how workspaces and facilities will be used in 2021 and beyond.

How we are utilising and managing workplaces, facilities, and campus environments is changing – and it has been since before COVID. However, the global pandemic has accelerated developments and created urgency to act. From conversations with our Certus Digital clients and partners, we know this is a topic that is front of mind for many facility and property managers, as well as business leaders. We are all faced with critical questions such as:

  • How do we continue to keep our people safe and productive in a rapidly changing environment? 
  • How do we best respond to the growing work-from-home trend?
  • What to do with empty spaces?
  • How do we manage facility costs most efficiently when usage is changing? 
  • How can we protect smart buildings from cyber-attacks and other risks?
  • How do we adhere to contact tracing requirements? 

To tackle questions like these, we've teamed up with Accelerate to run the Industry Platform Group IDEAthon focused on redefining asset intensive workplaces in 2021. By following a proven process to ideate and develop concepts, paper-prototypes and business cases, we aim to come up with ideas and solutions that participants can take back into their organisations. In addition, you will learn about a process that you can apply to other challenges your business faces. 

The IDEAthon will be an exciting, interactive experience. I hope you can join us. 

Michael Sig

Who is it for?

The Redefining Asset Intensive Workplaces IDEAthon is aimed at Facility and Property Managers, as well as operational business leaders concerned with the use of workplaces, from a wide range of asset intensive industries, including:










And others



What you’ll get out of it

  • Expand your knowledge
    Learn about solutions to workplace challenges you're facing. Hear about current and future trends that could impact your facilities and properties, and gain insights into how to respond to them.
  • Collaborate &
    Embrace the opportunity to collaborate and ideate with industry peers to learn from and with each other and find new ways to tackle workplace challenges.
  • Experience a proven process
    Get hands-on experience with a proven process to ideate, design solutions and develop strong business cases, and get the skills to apply this process to other challenges in your organisations.

How it will work

Through a series of five sessions over three weeks, we will explore workplaces challenges asset intensive organisations face, identify possible solutions, work through a process to further develop those solutions, and then present our ideas to a panel of judges for feedback.

Redefining Asset Intensive Workplaces

What will the workplaces of the future look like? What challenges are we facing today? How can we redefine workspace to keep up with change? These and more are questions we will explore in the introduction part of the IDEAthon. 

We will also introduce the design-thinking process as well as a range of tools and template that we will use in the Ideation stage. 

Ideation sessions

For this part of the programme, we will split into smaller groups. Each group will work on a specific idea or problem. 

Guided by an experienced team leader, the groups will apply the design-thinking process outlined in the introduction session and leverage various tools and templates to develop their ideas and a business case for it. 

Each group will prepare to present their idea to the judging panel for feedback. 

Presentations & Feedback

The IDEAthon will commence with a presentation and feedback session where all groups present their ideas to a panel of judges who will provide valuable feedback. 

Participants will not only benefit from the feedback they receive on their own idea, but also from hearing the other teams' presentations and feedback. 

This will be followed by a general review and discussion of what we have learned throughout the programme, before saying goodbye - for now. 

Dates & times

  • Introduction
    Thursday July 1
    AEST: 2 - 3:30PM
    AWST: 12PM - 1:30PM
    NZT: 4 - 5:30PM

    Icebreakers & group ideation activities, as well as an introduction to the Storytelling Canvas.
  • Pitching
    Tuesday July 6
    AEST: 2 - 3:30PM
    AWST: 12PM - 1:30PM
    NZT: 4 - 5:30PM

    Pitching ideas and forming groups around those we want to explore further.
  • Ideation 1
    Thursday July 8
    AEST: 2 - 3:30PM
    AWST: 12PM - 1:30PM
    NZT: 4 - 5:30PM

    Each team work through a set of tools and methods – guided by the team leader – to further develop their ideas and test assumptions.
  • Ideation 2
    Tuesday July 13
    AEST: 2 - 3:30PM
    AWST: 12PM - 1:30PM
    NZT: 4 - 5:30PM

    The team continue to develop and validate their idea and start putting together their presentation for the following week.
  • Presentations & Feedback
    Monday July 19
    AEST: 2 - 4:00PM
    AWST: 12PM - 2:00PM
    NZT: 4 - 6:00PM

    The teams present their ideas to the panel of experts and we review what we learned throughout the program before wrappings things up.

Reserve your place

Registrations for the IDEAthon are now open and will close 28 June 2021. 

If you are a customer of one of our partners listed at the bottom of the page, talk to them about complimentary VIP passes.

  • Early Bird Pricing
    (Ends 31 May 2021)
    Single ticket: AU$195

    Set of two tickets: AU$345
  • Standard Pricing
    (After 31 May 2021)
    Single ticket: AU$295

    Set of two tickets: AU$545

To purchase your tickets, follow the link below to our Eventbrite page. 

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