Industry platform group – EPISODE 3

DX in Electricity Generation & Transmission

In this episode, we unpack what digital transformation looks like in the electricity generation and transmission industry. The panel explores the role data plays in driving value for utilities and how organisations can avoid being paralysed by the wide range of new technologies. Plus, find out how to break large-scale projects down so you can get moving faster.

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Rene Grozdonofski

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The future of energy and utilities

We help utilities boost efficiency with sustainable practices – good for the planet and the bottom line. Let's put smart to work.

Meet the Experts

Terry Saunders
Worldwide Utilities Industry Leader, IBM
Terry is responsible for world-wide market share growth of asset and work management solutions in Utilities: Generation, Transmission and Distribution for Electric, Gas, and Water. He works with teams across product design architecture, development and support to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.
James Hartwright
James is a data-centric leader who has substantial experience in creating and managing solid solutions and passionate teams for business-value-focussed delivery. In his 30+ years’ experience, James has had direct involvement, from the ground up, in major customer-focussed B2C and B2B solutions across the UK, Europe, US, Australia, and the wider APAC region.
Rene Grozdanovski
Operations Director, Certus Digital
Rene has spent the last 15 years helping customers in asset intensive industries transform and mature. He has delivered projects across Australia and New Zealand, spanning a wide range of technologies and sectors and has a track-record of providing innovative, robust solutions to his customers.

Introducing your Asset Intensive Experts

Intelligent digital business

Every aspect of our lives is inescapably impacted by exponential change, across business models, operating models and engagement models. Our mission is to help you evolve your organisation into an intelligent digital business that remains relevant in digitally disrupted times.

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