Industry platform group – EPISODE 5

Financial Perspectives on DX

As we have discovered throughout the series so far a lot can be learned from how other industries are approaching digital transformation. The many challenges being faced by different sectors are often very common once broken down. In this episode, the panel looks at how the financial services industry is adapting to change and the lessons that can be applied to all asset-intensive organisations.

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Rene Grozdonofski

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IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management

Engineering solutions that deliver capabilities to help engineers build the smart, connected IoT products that support business transformation.

Meet the Experts

Julien Redmond
General Manager, Certus Insight
Julien is an Information Management and Data Vault 2.0 expert. He helps businesses understand how they can improve customer engagements and business processes by moving their organisation quickly up the information management maturity curve.
Frank Briner
BDM, IBM Application Management Lifecycle Suite
Frank has over 25 years' experience in the IT industry and helps organisations and their business partners in major engineering projects including Government infrastructure (especially transport), Mining, Aerospace and Defence, and the Finance Services Sector.
Andreas Gschwind
Solution Engineer, IBM
As a solution engineer at IBM, Andreas works with organisations across a range of industries in the Asia-Pacific region. He helps to run capability assessments, implement measured improvement frameworks and consult on software development from testing through to delivery.
Rene Grozdanovski
Operations Director, Certus Digital
Rene has spent the last 15 years helping customers in asset intensive industries transform and mature. He has delivered projects across Australia and New Zealand, spanning a wide range of technologies and sectors and has a track-record of providing innovative, robust solutions to his customers.

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