Industry platform group – EPISODE 6

IoT and Asset Health at Melbourne Water

In this episode, we take a look at how Melbourne Water is leveraging new technologies, such as IoT sensors and drones, to overcome labour and time-intensive activities while also improving safety. The panel also discusses best practices for collecting, managing, analysing and presenting data from these sources.

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Alex Towns

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Meet the Experts

Russell Riding
Automation Team Leader, Melbourne Water
Russell leads the delivery of innovative, smart, technological advanced solutions for Melbourne Water. He is responsible for creating and rolling out the company's IoT solution to enable realtime monitoring of field assets at a much reduced cost to the business.
Frank Courtney
Principal - Technology Enablement, Melbourne Water
Frank is a Technology Enablement Specialist, working with Service Delivery and Strategic Asset Management teams to identify and leverage efficiency improvements and working practice innovations through improved use of information and new technologies.
James Hartwright
General Manager, Cognition
James is a data-centric leader who has 30+ years of experience in creating and managing solid solutions and passionate teams for business-value-focussed delivery.
Alex Towns
Practice Manager, Certus Digital
Alex is an experienced IT consulting services leader with a track record of working in asset intensive industries, selling and implementing Enterprise software solutions, both cloud SaaS & On-Prem. Alex works closely with his clients to guide them through their digital transformation, embracing the convergence of IoT, Big Data and AI, whilst enabling mobility to empower their workforce.

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