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Alex Towns
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On-demand and upcoming episodes

Episode 1 | WATCH NOW

DX in Asset Intensive: The State of the A/NZ Market

We kick off the series with a look at some of the digital transformation initiatives happening right now in the asset intensive sector. The panel also discusses why organisational culture is just as important as technology in successfully driving transformation and how to align different departments.

Episode 2 | WATCH NOW

Approaches to DX: A Heavy Industry Perspective

What does digital transformation look like for heavy industries? In this episode, we dive into the key considerations to understand when exploring the digitalisation of asset management. This panel experts looks at some of the opportunities presented by COVID and the practical steps to take for successful transformation.

Episode 3 | Watch Now

DX in Electricity Generation & Transmission

In this episode, we unpack what digital transformation looks like in the electricity generation and transmission industry. The panel explores the role data plays in driving value for utilities and how organisations can avoid being paralysed by the wide range of new technologies.

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Episode 4 | Watch Now

Innovation in the Water Industry

Water represents a major sector of the utilities space and, as such, has been at the forefront of tackling digital transformation. With assets often deep underground and catchments in remote areas, we look at the specific challenges in this space and the approaches organisations are deploying to help them make the leap forward in their digital transformation journey

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Episode 5 | Watch Now

Financial Perspectives on DX

As we have discovered throughout the series so far a lot can be learned from how other industries are approaching digital transformation. The many challenges being faced by different sectors are often very common once broken down. In this episode, the panel looks at how the financial services industry is adapting to change and the lessons that can be applied to all asset-intensive organisations.

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Episode 6 | Watch Now

IoT & Asset Health at Melbourne Water

In this episode, we take a look at how Melbourne Water is leveraging new technologies, such as IoT sensors and drones, to overcome labour and time-intensive activities while also improving safety. The panel also discusses best practices for collecting, managing, analysing and presenting data from these sources.

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Episode 7 | WATCH NOW

Platform Design & IBM MAS

The panel discusses how IBM’s Maximo Application Suite strategy can be used by those who want to innovate and how you combine different platforms to achieve business outcomes. We also provide community examples of businesses that innovate using a central repository of asset data.


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