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Developing DX Business Cases as an Intrapreneur

A workshop to help you achieve your digital ambitions more effectively.

A workshop to empower
Digital Transformers

Leveraging the success of the DX Program, participants asked for a deeper dive into how you get better stakeholder alignment with digital business initiatives. Accelerate has teamed up with Max Theseira, Adjunct Faculty AGSM at UNSW, to deliver this interactive distance learning workshop.

Making DX a reality in your organisation

Building on the foundation of the DX Masterclass, this workshop with Max Theseira is a deep dive into the barriers to DX Success, how to overcome them, and how to shift the digital dial as an “intrapreneur” within an enterprise.

Through UNSW’s Social Learning Platform, you’ll get on-demand access to the workshop as well as practical resources, guidance and coaching.

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Your pathway to DX success

In four chapters, this workshop will give you the insights you need to develop compelling DX business cases and make your digital ambition happen.

How COVID Accelerated DX and What it Means for Businesses

In this first chapter of the workshop we will discuss:

  • What the new normal looks like
  • Lessons we can learn from China
  • How DX leaders can respond to reduced budgets and the need to move digitally fast
  • How linear supply chains are evolving into complex, dynamic and connected value webs
  • The changing nature of value and what opportunities that presents
  • Managing the risk/reward equation


Developing DX Business Cases in Four Steps

In chapter 2, we will go through the four steps of developing DX business cases in detail, including discussing relevant examples. 

  • Step 1: Identify
  • Step 2: Understand
  • Step 3: Define
  • Step 4: Establish


Making Change Stick

Chapter 3 of this workshop is all about making sure your DX initiatives translate into the real world and lead to lasting transformation. To achieve this, we will discuss:

  • Jeffery Moore’s Model of Disruption
  • Business model disruption
  • Operating model innovation
  • Infrastructure model innovation
  • Innovation effectiveness – the three horizons model
  • Transitioning innovation into the enterprise



Apply the Value Proposition Canvas

Participate in this interactive experience to learn how to use the value proposition canvas.

Using the example of a highly innovative company in the automotive space (no, it's not Tesla), you will understand how to complete the canvas, while also finding new inspiration and learning from other innovators. 

Join us for Live Follow-Up Sessions

Join us for one of our live follow-up sessions to discuss the interactive exercise further with experts and industry peers. Gain new insights and inspiration for how you can progress your DX initiatives successfully.