Data Vault Community Update with Dan Linstedt


In this first episode of Data Dialogues Series 2, Certus Insight GM Julien Redmond is joined by DV2 founder Dan Linstedt to discuss:

  • What’s happening with the Data Vault Alliance including a focus on being the one-stop shop for everything around data vault certification and training
  • More support and materials for authorised training partners around the world
  • New e-learning courses launching soon 
  • A brand-new Vendor Tools Certification (VTC) program that's going to be available through the website 
  • The episode concludes with a discussion on some of the debates currently going around Data Vault and a sneak peek at what you can expect if you want to attend WWDVC in 2022

The next episodes in the series cover: 

Episode 2: Data Challenges in Research

Richard Strange’s presentation from WWDVC 2021 - how Data Vault has enabled him and a number of his colleagues to apply data science and analysis to research data sets. 

Episode 3: Working Smarter 

Scott Ambler on disciplined agile delivery. You’ll get an idea just how much value there is to bringing the methodology, modelling, and architecture all together, as well as the implementation steps for getting it done. 

Episode 4: Laws of Nature

Nols Ebersohn shares his Masterclass on applying business rules to data in order to turn it into meaningful information. Nols talks about the rules to get there and about the importance of capturing the right components.  

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