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The Energy Debate - What Are the Key Considerations as We Look to a Carbon Zero World?

The Six Must Watch Videos on the 4th Industrial Revolution and Industry Innovation

6. Energy & the Rational Mind


From coal, oil, and gas, to wind, solar, hydro and nuclear, energy is one of the most hotly debated, invested, and researched sectors on our planet.

Energy powers advanced civilizations, lifts people out of poverty, and releases human creative potential by freeing us from back-breaking work.

But it can also destroy wild lands and forest, pollute rivers and oceans, and accelerate climate change in a way that upsets the delicate balance of man and nature.

So what is the answer? Is a total ban on non-renewables like coal and gas going to solve climate and poverty issues? Are wind and solar really the perfect answer, or do they have challenges of their own? And is nuclear deserving of the fear and emotional response that keeps it from being more widely adopted?

We'll answer all of this and more in this thought-provoking episode of Rational Mind.

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