Will Robots Take Over The World? A Layperson's Primer on the Implications of AI and Robotics

The Six Must Watch Videos on the 4th Industrial Revolution and Industry Innovation

4. Living With Robots


So I thought, why not have a chat with my mum about whether robots take over the world?

She's got a new book out called 'Living With Robots' - I know I'm promoting my mum's book here, it's a one off I promise!

So we talk about what robots really are, what they can actually do, what their limits on, will they ever destroy us all, or at the very least take our jobs? Could they help build a new and better society?

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NASA's Critical Steps for Managing Risk - How to Apply Them to Business

NASA Astronaut Mike Mullane shares how His experiences in high-pressure situations have given him a unique perspective on being agile while managing risk.

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case study

The Changing Role of Today's CFO

The modern CFO must now leverage their understanding and use of technology to help drive business strategy. They need to be business-focussed technologists.

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How The New York Times is Unlocking New Opportunities in the Digital Era

James Slezak helped The New York Times innovate and adopt a digital business model to invest and prosper in the face of disruption.

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